Dosirak Talk

  • 강하늘 도시락톡
  • Enjoy the services

    at rates lower than domestic rates!

    When you make a phone call to Korea from abroad
    Are you concerned about Roaming call rates?

    High-quality phone call!
    No subscription fee, no base rates!
    Special roaming rates lower than domestic rates!

    From now on, enjoy Roaming calls via DosirakTalk!

  • 정소민 도시락톡
  • Free calls throughout the year

    between DosirakTalk users!

    Now with your family, friends, and lover, install DosirakTalk!
    DosirakTalk users can enjoy free calls
    24/7 anywhere in the world!

  • Able to make a phone call to

    anywhere in the world with the telephone number only!

    DosirakTalk is an app through which you can make a phone call
    even though the answerer
    didn’t add you as a friend or install DosirakTalk!

    Feel free to make a phone call to a mobile phone, home phone or office phone via DosirakTalk.

Answer roaming calls

from abroad free of charge!

When ‘070’ service is purchased You are able to get calls
from anywhere in the world free of charge.

If the answerer also subscribes DosirakTalk ‘070’ service
You are able to make a phone call and answer calls
anytime free of charge.

*‘070’ service is an option which has separate base rates.


for roaming calls!

Enjoy special roaming call rates lower than domestic rates!

With DosirakTalk, you are able to use
roaming call services in major countries
such as the U.S. and China at rates lower than domestic rates.

* For more information about rates by country, visit the website or app.