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  • DosirakTalk

    with WiFi Take-out!

    WiFi Take-out is a combined word of ‘WiFi (data)’ and ‘Dosirak (portable)’.

    It is a brand-new data roaming terminal which converts the 3G/4G (LTE) signals of
    mobile communication service providers in each country into Wi-Fi signals.
    When you go on an overseas trip,
    you are able to carry data as conveniently as dosirak and
    use WiFi in a quick and easy manner anytime and anywhere.

Data and phone call at a time!

  • High data speed;
    as fast as up to 112Mbps
    (LTE support to major destination countries)

  • Able to communicate with
    up to five persons with a single handset!

  • Low data charges compared to the rates
    set by communication service providers

  • Large communication coverage
    (communication services available in about 100 countries)

Wi-Fi Dosirak TV commercials are being shown
everywhere on TV and online.

  • Ryokan
  • International trips at reasonable prices
    Want to use fast wireless internet?