Dosirak Talk

Roaming Calling App with No Base Charge,

Communicate throughout the world by Talk point.

About Dosirak Talk's Talk Point

Dosirak Talk Talk points can be used for local and roaming calls.

Types of Points
  • 3,000P
    3,300KRW(VAT Include)
  • 5,000P
    5,500KRW(VAT Include)
  • 10,000P
    11,000KRW(VAT Include)


This product cannot be resold to others, and dosirak Talk is not responsible for conflicts occurred between individual's exchange.
The credit card payment procedures will be handled by the online payment platform provider, and the payments will be encrypted. Dosirak Talk will not hold your credit card information.
The refund is available if you have no history of using records within 31 days from charging. After day 31, the full or partial refund will not be available for both used and unused points.
You can only purchase 070 solitarily, and if the number is used solitarily, your activity will be limited to receiving calls only. (For calling, you have to purchase points. The points will not be deducted for calls made to 070 Dosirak Talk number.)
The charging amount have no limitation. 1 point will be charged for 1 KRW.
The service fees may differ depend by each store's policy, and will be added to your total payment.
(EX. For charging 500 D Points : 500 KRW + service fee 50 KRW = Total 550 KRW)